Overview of our Community

I.) City Government

The City of Lakewood is governed by a city manager form of government. This means that an elected mayor and 10-member city council hires a city manager who acts as the Chief Executive Officer. The city manager hires, fires and supervises the department heads and police chief.

The city’s major responsibilities are police, street maintenance and parks and recreation. It does some economic development and planning and enforces zoning rules. Many of the traditional municipal services are provided by special districts or private vendors. Fire protection, including emergency medical care (ambulance) is provided by West Metro Fire District. Most water and sewer services are provided by one of several special districts.

II.) Other Government Organizations

A. Special Districts

Fire Protection

Fire prevention, firefighting and emergency medical services are provided by the West Metro Fire District, whose headquarters is located at 433 S. Allison Pkwy. next door to the Lakewood city hall and the public safety building. West Metro is governed a seven-member Board of Directors elected from seven districts. The district is managed by a Fire Chief and has about 300 uniformed firefighters and nearly 100 civilian staff. It is funded by its own property tax assessed on all properties in the district and several user fees. For more details, clink here.

Water and Sewer

Water and sewer services in Lakewood are usually provided by special districts. These are government organizations that are independent of the city, county, state and federal governments. They are governed by a Board of Directors that are elected by the District’s customers. They generally run independent operations but their water policies are generally determined by the policies of the Denver Water Board, from which most of their water is derived. The District’s daily operations are run by a professional Manager who is hired by the Board.

The attached map below shows the boundaries of the water districts serving Lakewood.  Find your property on the map to determine what district you should be dealing with.  Most of Ward 4 is served by the Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District.  Other parts of Lakewood are served by other water districts.

Water Utilities Map

B. Jefferson County

Lakewood is located in the center/eastern portion of Jefferson County.  The county is governed by a three-member Board of Commissioners.  Most of Lakewood lies in the center district represented by Casey Tighe.

C.  State of Colorado

Lakewood lies in the center of Colorado along the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

D.  Regional Transportation District

Mass transit in Lakewood is provided by the Regional Transportation District. RTD assesses a sales tax on residents of a seven county area. RTD is governed by an elected 15 member Board of Directors. Lakewood is represented by Matt Cohen

The Region Transportation District is a special government entity that covers a seven county metropolitan area. It is governed by a 13 member Board of Directors, each elected from a specific geographic area. Lakewood is mostly covered by District R. click here for more information.

E. School District

Public school education is provided by the R-1 Jeffco School District which manages the entire county. The school district is governed by a five member School Board, whose members are elected from specific districts. The City of Lakewood is covered by two of the five districts.


Private Sector

Business Community – There are several business advocacy groups in Lakewood . The local chamber of commerce is the West Chamber Serving Jefferson County

Local groups include the Alameda Gateway Community Association, The South Wadsworth Business Association (SWBA) and the West Colfax Community Association (WCCA).


Service Clubs – Most major national and international service organizations have local chapters in Lakewood.