Dave’s Legislative Record

Some of significant votes that Dave made during his three years on city council.


I.)  Supporting local business

  • Dave introduced a motion to hold city council retreats in Lakewood rather than out-of-town so as to patronize local business.


II.)  Open and transparent government

  • Introduced a motion to increase the citizen notification of zoning changes
  • Resisted efforts to change his newsletter to withhold notice of council action on the rezoning of Alameda & Kipling.
  • Introduced motion to stop the destruction of executive session recordings


III.)  Smaller government

  • Opposed resolution to increase the mayor’s salary
  • Introduced motion to eliminate sales tax on candy and soft drinks


IV.)  2090 Wright Street

Opposed the motion to rezone 2090 Wright St. to allow residential housing because the rezoning went far beyond the advertised objective of allowing a school for the deaf.  Raised the idea of limiting the rezoning to allow just the school for the deaf but this idea was dismissed in favor of a broader rezoning that could have allowed for residential development if the school for the deaf failed to occur.


V.)  Re-write of the city’s Zoning Rules

  • Opposed proposal to allow food-producing animals in small residential lots.
  • Moved to postpone the vote until after the holidays to allow more citizen involvement.
  • Opposed the final proposal because the vote was held during the holidays when citizens were not sufficiently engaged in the process.