Jun 9, 2017

From the desk of 
David Wiechman
Lakewood City Council Ward 4  
Followup on Saturday’s Town Hall
        Thanks for the great turnout.  We were surprised so many people would come out on such a beautiful summer Saturdaymorning.  A couple things came up that we asked to follow up on with our constituents.
       There were questions about medical costs as related to the current health care debate going on at the state level.  Here’s the link to the cost commission’s main page: https://www.colorado.gov/cocostcommission  And here’s a direct link to the report: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/default/files/Cost%20Commission%20June%202017%20report%20FINAL%206.30.17.pdf
 There were some questions regarding details about the proposed moratorium on high-density multi-family residential projects to allow Council to study potential reforms to the City’s zoning rules.  Ramey Johnson submitted the following flyer which I will share with those who couldn’t make the meeting:
Recently I introduced a motion for a 6 month moratorium on high density residential development. On July 27th City Council will have a study session to look at using this tool. Since this has been a concept I have been considering and spoke to several months ago, it should not be a surprise to anyone.
In 2012-2013 City Council re-wrote the zoning ordinance. It passed on a 8-3 vote. I voted NO because it encouraged high density residential overdevelopment. Frequently when public policy is written it needs to have a “look back” in order to review how the new policy is working and if the policy is doing what was intended.
It is apparent that changes need to be made. The re-write is not working in our best interest. The re-write of the zoning ordinance has language that MUST be modified to eliminate or minimize the adverse impacts we are suffering.
High density and high profile building is bringing traffic congestion to the point of near de-fault on our streets, increased crime and negatively impacting our schools. Obviously these things were NOT intended.
Since 2014 City Council has been lobbied by YOU the people regarding the way Lakewood is developing and growing and we must act.
Frankly, we can not wait any longer. We will not have a second chance to get our growth right. A moratorium is NOT looking at any price point of building, but rather ALL high density.
This is not a “zero sum game” where it is us vs them or who is a winner vs looser.
The GOAL is to keep Lakewood a desireable place for those who already live here and those who will join us.
This summary should dis-spell any misconceptions, misinformation and misinterpretation that are out there.
* Direction to staff to suspend action on applications for building permits to construct multi-family housing projects of more than 10 dwelling units.
* Effective immediately and remain in effect for a term of six months unless modified by a subsequent motion
* Allows time for City Council to “listen” to what the people are telling us about the kind of city they envision and what we are actually creating without the pressure of ongoing development.
* A way to give City Council a short “pause” or “time out” to spend on language in the the zoning ordinance dealing with density.
* Time for City Council to really understand the implications of the housing study and get citizen input.
* Time to get the results from the Union Blvd. Corridor transportation study.
* Re-look at .75 parking spaces per apartment unit criteria and evaluate if this is really working?
* Consider “line of sight” before granting permits for multi story buildings
* Consider language that asks for adjacent property owner input
* A mechanism to diminish developer money in this election cycle neutralize developers and special interest money in 2017
* Return a voice to the citizens who have a vested interest in their community and neighborhood
* After time to identify what is actually being created, our collective priorities for “community” and protect the loveliness of our established neighborhoods.
* A “political” strategy
* Punitive action against developers
* A permanent tool
* It should not be associated with any initiative – that is INCORRECT
* Does NOT impact projects already under way.

Upcoming Council Meetings

      Tommorrow, Monday, July 10 – executive session on donation to Artspace @ 5:30 p.m.
      7 p.m. – regular meeting with public comment.
      July 17 – 7 p.m. – Study session on potential multi-family residential development moratorium, public comment permitted.
Green Mtn. Rec. Center is FREE Admission onJuly 13
German Fest July 21 – 23 at Heritage Center
           Celebrate German-American heritage with food, drink and entertainment at the Lakewood Heritage Center at 801 S. Yarrow St. (southwest of Alameda & Wadsworth).
Results of Our Survey – To date, less than 200 people have emailed their responses to our issues survey.
     (1) Six-month moratorium on high-density multi-family residential projects.
               Yes – 80%    Neutral – 5%     No – 12%
     (2) Citizens’ initiative to put a 1% growth limit issue on the November ballot.
               Support – 64%,     Neutral – 6%,    Unaware – 13%,     Opposed – 15%
     (3)  Annexation of south Rooney Valley from Morrison.
               Support – 16%,    Neutral – 11%,  Unaware – 6%,    Opposed – 64%
    (4)  Residential development in the proposed annexation area.
              Support – 19%,     Neutral – 13%,   Opposed – 61%
    (5)  De-TABOR ballot issue
              Support De-TABOR – 19%,   Depends upon use – 29%,   Opposed to de-TABOR – 52%
   (6)  Prohibit parking over 4 hours in front of private residences.
              Prohibit – 42%,      Neutral – 13%,     Don’t prohibit – 42%
   (7) Tax funds donated to charities.
        Yes @ 110K – 20%,    Yes, over 100K – 6%,     No donations – 62%
(8)  Require developers to dedicate land for parks & open space.
       Yes – 90%,    Neutral – 4%,    No- 4%
Ward 4 Coalition
David Wiechman

You may notice some differences between the numbers above and the following charts because the sum of the choices does not add up to 100% and this is because we chose to display the most significant answers to keep the results simple.