Jan 13, 2017

Town Hall Meeting Saturday – Local Developments
       Reminder we are having our regular Ward 4 town hall meeting Saturday (Jan. 14) from 9:30 to 11 a.m. at the Presbyterian Church at Alameda & Mississippi.  Although all input is welcome the emphasis will be on local development issues.  We will start off with an update on the proposed 250 apartments on W. Ohio (behind Safeway) and then discuss the proposed master plan for Rooney Valley.  The master plan is to be voted on by CityCouncil on Monday, Jan. 23 (there will be opportunity for public input).
For more information about the proposed Rooney Valley master plan go to the Rooney Valley master plan on the city website at www.lakewood.org/RooneyValley

Proposed 250 Apartment Development between Alkire and Ohio. 

This diagram looks east and shows 4 25-unit buildings and parking along the back of Alkire houses with the rest of the development reaching to Safeway shipping center. There are two entrances on Mississippi Ct. 

Ward 4 Coalition
David Wiechman