Lakewood Issues


Dave is a moderate/centralist who seeks out compromise to combat the entrenched positions that have paralyzed our government. This is the recipe for real, long-lasting & meaningful change. As a trained economist, Dave tries to find a balance that achieves the maximum good while minimizing any adverse impacts.


Dave’s major goals are:


(1) Managing growth to ensure the positive economic benefits are maximized while minimizing any loss of open space or disruption to the character of neighborhoods.

(2) Keeping taxes as low as possible while maintaining sufficient resources to provide the services citizens rely upon.

(3) Support small and local businesses. Encourage good jobs and sustainable industries.

(4) Ensure the public safety and protect our citizens from foreseeable dangers.

(5) Improve government by being a good partner with the people. This includes enhancing communication, improving transparency and ensuring accountability.

Dave’s vision of a better community is outlined in his Lakewood 2020 Plan which envisions a holistic approach to creating a world where all the elements of a good place to live are available within our community. The objectives of his 2020 plan are illustrated below: