Foothills Field of Dreams Challenge

Since schools are the heart of any community, the strength of our Jefferson County Public Schools are vital to health of our communities.  In addition, when public facilities begin to deteriorate it can create a downward spiral of neglect called the Broken Window Theory that can lead to community demoralization.   To combat that possibility and enhance the Foothills area, I am involved in a public-private partnership (city, school, churches, businesses, community groups, leagues, and individuals) to spruce up the corner of Zinnia and Youngfield.  To raise the private funds needed to grade the site, install irrigation, sod, and landscaping to beautify the baseball and soccer field and create a community garden, I am issuing a challenge to the Green Mountain community.  I will match your personal/individual contributions (up to $50,000) dollar for dollar.  Go to to learn about the project and how to donate.