In order to communicate via the city’s email network, the city provides an iPad to all councilors. In order to save the taxpayers money, I declined to take a city iPad and used my own personal iPad instead.Late last year I experienced computer problems that my own computer experts were unable to resolve. Since I was not getting my city email messages, I asked the city’s IT personnel for help. When I opened my iPad a picture of a very scantly clad female celebrity appeared. Although I shut the picture down immediately the employee, looking over my shoulder, did catch a glimpse of it.The employee felt the picture was pornographic and reported it. Since decency is a subjective judgment I respect the employee’s opinion. In any case, even though the picture wasn’t technically pornography it was inappropriate for the workplace.

While there is no point getting into a debate about art versus indecency or where it came from we can all agree the incident was unfortunate and should not have been allowed to happen.

Although it was an accident on my personal iPad, it does not change the fact that, as Harry Truman would say, “the buck stops here”. Therefore I take responsibility for the mishap and have publicly apologized. I have also taken steps to ensure it can’t happen again – I deleted the offending picture and requested a city iPad to keep city business separate from personal business.

Since no offense was intended, no rules were broken, no laws violated and I have apologized for the embarrassment, I am now working to focus the council’s attention back on the people’s business.