David is proud to have two wonderful daughters he hopes will continue the family’s effort to make our world a better place. They are:


Michele, 23, is a graduate of Colorado School of Mines, Green Mountain High School, Dunstan Middle School and Foothills Elementary School. She is currently working on her master degree at Colorado School of Mines studying Geology.

Michele at Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland

She was also Colorado’s youngest elected official, having been elected to the board of directors of the Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District from 2008 to 2012.  She is currently a research assistant in the CSM geology department. Michele has previously worked for Occidental Petroleum in Houston, Venoco Inc. in Denver, Pinon Environmental Engineering Resources in Lakewood and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office in Golden.

In college, Michele was involved in student government and professional associations.  Michele is the past Chair of the City of Lakewood’s Youth Commission, where she served for three years. She was President of the GMHS Key Club in which she was a member for four years. She is a graduate of the Youth Leadership Jefferson County program and served on their steering committee.  Michele was a Jeffco Schools Outdoor Lab counselor for three years. She participated in Science Olympiad winning several awards and played in the school orchestra for four years. Perviously, she particpated in the Westernaire program for eight years.

Rachel, 21, is a graduate of Green Mountain High School and is currently a junior in mechanical and civil engineering at Colorado School of Mines.  She is currently serving in the CSM student government.  Last summer, Rachel worked as an engineering intern for the world’s largest steel maker at the largest steel mill in America located in the Chicago area.  She has received a summer intern offer to work for StatOil in Houston in 2013.

Rachel’s graduation at Red Rocks

An honor roll student, she also served on the city’s Youth Commission, where she was the Treasurer.  She’s also a graduate of  Youth Leadership Jeffco program and served on the YLC steering committee. She also participated in Westernaires for seven years.

The girls formerly boarded a couple of horses at a Lakewood property while they were in Westernaires.



Dave (dark shirt) at the helm of the racing yacht that won the America’s Cup, off St. Martin.

The family loves to travel.  Over the past twenty years Dave and the girls have toured the world.  They have participated in escorted tours with GMHS Spanish class students over Spring Breaks to Spain, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands.

They have been to Europe including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland and Iceland.

Michele and Rachel in front of the Sydney Opera House.

In recent years since Dave’s retirement, they have been to the Far East including Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, Thailand and Japan.  Dave has been to Middle East including Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and the Persian Gulf.

In North America, they have been to British Columbia and the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Barbados, St. Martin, St. Lucia and Martinque.  Trips around the USA have included Alaska, Hawaii, the Northwest states, California, the Southwest states, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Illinois and the New England states.

Dave and Rachel overlooking Macchu Pichu in Peru.

David has visited all 50 states and major U.S. cities and is now working on all the continents (last one is Antarctica). His most recent trip was to Kenya to safari through the Serengti.  He is currently working on the Seven Wonders of the World with over half visited – the most recent being Petra in Jordan.